Tablet shipments are expected to drop 8.1% this year, according to IDC figures, reaching 211.3 million units. The info comes from the latest Quarterly Tablet Tracker data on IDC.


We’ve already heard that growth was slowing down, but this is more major than we thought. Momentum hasn’t stalled completely it seems, because IDC still expects 2 in 1 devices or tablets with detachable keyboards to grow significantly. Apple, Google and Microsoft have all introduced such slates over the past months, ready to compete with companies well versed in this area like Dell, HP or Lenovo.

Sub $100 detachables are quoted as the growth factor here and these “detachables” are expected to double in size, as the whole segment over the next year. Over 75% growth is promised compared to 2015, said IDC research director Jean Philippe Bouchard. This means that Windows also has room to grow IDC senior analyst for mobile device Jitesh Ubrani claims that the iPad Pro may be Apple’s only chance to gain tablet market share anew over the next years, as it directs products towards enterprise.

Windows-based models are expected to double in market share by 2019.