One of the most popular technologies on modern smartphones is the Gorilla Glass, that protects screens. Well, considering the popularity of this protective layer, the president of the company making it (Corning) decided it was time to tackle tablets, at least as a discussion. James Clappin, Corning president predicted that by 2014% the tablet market will growth eight fold.

Corning also manufactures glassware and ceramics and lots more, not only for the mobile industry. Clappin is very optimistic, as far as slate sales are concerned, but his predictions may come true. In 2010 alone 20 million tablet units were sold, with 180 million being thrown out by the Corning main man in his investor speech.

Dmitriy Molchanov, a Yankee Group analyst has the same view on slates, mentioning that their rise is far more impressive than the one of the HDTVs, portable consoles and even MP3 players.