The maker of the tablet brand MyTablet has entered liquidation, following a dispute with retailer Argos regarding the lack of Google services licensing. The hardware maker in this case is KMS from Wales, that has gone bankrupt because they had a fight with retailer Argos.


The idea is that the device maker used Google Mobile Services on tablets without the proper license. That didn’t go down well with Argos, who withhold 3.2 million quid from the company, making them liquidate. KMS manufactured the Argos MyTablet slate, priced at 99 quid, a product launched last year and received with moderate enthusiasm.

Argos decided to hold back the 3.2 million quid, that equals $5.3 million, when they discovered that KMS loaded the likes of Google Maps, Gmail and Play Store without a license from Google. The core Android OS may be open source and free, but the Google proprietary apps and services are not, so device makers need a special license for them.

This results in people losing 70 jobs, once KMS goes down.