Believe it or not 2020 may actually be the year that tablets experience a slight increase. We’ve been hearing ever since 2014 that tablets are doing worse and worse, but apparently 2020 is the year when they’ll pop, according to IDC, which also predictions for 2021.

As the world is fighting the pandemic, the smartphones aren’t doing great and this year there will definitely be a drop. The education segment has morphed and tablets will be in greater demand as classes are held in house and slates will be useful. Many universities and schools are moving activities to tablets and laptops. Demand will definitely increase and states will probably subsidy the purchase of such devices.

It’s not just tablets that make out the virtual classroom, but also projectors, printers and more. The tablet PC shipments are expected to grow by 100% this year compared to the one before and that’s just for February 2020. The growth will be maintained for March 2020 and we’re talking about regular tablets, alongside educational tablet PCs, that have been popping up lately. The IDC report also shows that China’s tablet market is registering continuous growth during this time frame and back in 2019, they had over 4 million units of educational slates shipped, while in 2020 they will go to 4.4 million and in 2021 to 4.7 million.

Many countries have suspended their school years and no one knows when regular classes will resume. Learning from home may just become the new norm for many students and teens and that’s where laptops and tablets come into play. If that’s a healthy way of evolving as a human or not… well that’s a while different ball game. Home schooled people tend to lack the affinities and social awareness of those with regular schooling.