T-Mobile’s Jump program, the one that allows you to upgrade your handset has now received some modifications. Turns out that customers will get this option for tablets as well and upgrades can be done more often.


Starting with February 23rd, T-Mobile will allow you to upgrade, trade in your device and then T-Mobile will pay the device’s remaining payments up to 50% of the cost. There’s no waiting period or limit to the number of times one can upgrade a year. Obviously, the customer must pay at least 50% of the device’s cost before upgrading.

There was an initial fee of $10 per month per phone, that let the customers upgrade their device twice every year after the 6 month enrollment period. I’m ready to bet that you’ll find Galaxy Tab models included in this program and I suspect it will focus more on affordable devices, rather than Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 editions.