The SXPD title is a strange one: you tend to snub it because its controls are poor, but its graphics and story are fascinating. The game is called SXPD Extreme Pursuit Force and it’s priced at $2 in the App Store. I played it on the iPad Mini and it worked just fine on it.

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We’re dealing with a hybrid between a comic book here and a bike racing/combat game, with very tough controls. The problem is that you can never break or slow down, so you’re always going full speed. It’s very often you’ll hit a wall and maybe even hit it 4 or 5 times if it’s wide enough, because you’ll recover in the exact same spot as the last accident. The graphics have a Sin City vibe here, with a lot of black and white and red splattered all over the comic book pages.

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There’s a 48 page comic book integrated in the game, telling a dark story of the 52nd US State New Royale. This is a dark and dangerous place, patrolled by the SXPD, an all female police force who takes on gangsters. Now let’s get to the controls: you swipe up to fire a rocket, you tilt the device to go left or right, you tap the screen to shoot and keep two fingers pressed to use nitro.

Missions usually involve chasing and shooting at bad guys, but you must also survive a minefield in the sewers or race against time. There are 6 missions and 6 arcade levels to enjoy, so the  adventure is relatively short. The artwork is superb and this is truly a one of a kind game. We give it a 9.4 out of 10 and you can download it here.