The Microsoft Surface RT was supposed to be the iPad killer, but in the end it ended up costing Microsoft billions in losses and they’ve stated that they took a $900 million loss last quarter alone on this gizmo.


Considering that the Redmond giant recently sliced the price of the device by $150, could that loss be caused by the slicing performed to 6 million units? Reasonable math may point to that… Anyway, Win RT was dead in the water for months now with many companies withdrawing their products. Lenovo did that yesterday with the Yoga 11 and Samsung did that with the Ativ RT months ago. Dell and HP also killed similar products in the pipeline…

The news about the loss came with the Microsoft financial results for Q4 2013, that indicated that loss and “inventory adjustments”. Over the past 5 years alone Microsoft managed to get involved in failed products like the Kin, Surface RT and Zune. Haven’t they had enough pain? Should Ballmer stay at the helm of MS?