Starting from July 14th Staples will cut the price tag of the Surface RT 32 GB version, that will reach $349. This is a $150 price cut and it starts off this Sunday. No idea about a discounted Touch Cover option, but that may come as well.


This may be a sign that Microsoft is clearing up stock to debut a new generation of Surface tablet, perhaps even the smaller 7 inch Surface Mini. Many people have been considering Windows RT doomed, but if you ask me, Nokia will be the one to decide that. Microsoft may push the RT system with a new tablet, but a Nokia push would be more important.

Of course, these are all speculations and guessing game and we don’t really know what’s brewing the Microsoft offices. All I know is that Windows RT is a failure, Steve Ballmer has to be replaced and the Surface Tablet 2 must be good or else Microsoft may become irrelevant on the slate market. Windows 8 is also not doing so well either…