Although we’ve seen these Nexus 8 pictures before, the images showing a huge Google Nexus tablet with big bezels have appeared again, this time with specs included. Back in May the pics were published on Concept Phones with a lot of precaution, assuming they were fake. But are they?


We could be dealing with a Nexus 8 trapped inside a protective shell that hides its design. I have to remind you that Google I/O 2014 will take place at the end of the month and it may bring us a new Android and new Nexus tablet. HTC is said to be making the new slate, codenamed Flounder. There’s also a rumor saying that the Nexus 8 will get a 64 bit processor, possibly a Moorefield one, but there’s also a theory about a 64 bit Snapdragon.

3 GB of RAM are also in the mix, as well as Android 4.5 Lollypop, or whatever its name ends up being. We can’t confirm or deny these are real Nexus 8 shots, but odds are in favour of them being not real. If this model doesn’t have a protective case, it means it has huge bezels, which is a big no-no for 2014 and certainly makes it a flop. Unless, those edges hide a Project Tango camera or two…