Amazon wants its cloud solution to matter and to be more useful, so starting today they will expand the “Send to Kindle” feature. That function lets users send documents, text from websites and Kindle-compatible ebooks to their ereaders with a single click from a web browser, desktop, email or tablet.


Well, now Amazon has added the documents to a new folder on the Amazon Cloud Drive, so you can access them more easily. One can use the Manage Your Kindle area to see a list of documents, send them to Kindle devices and free reading apps. You can also delete them and it’s a good thing you can turn off auto saving of documents to the cloud, if you want to crowd up your storage.

There’s other good news: aside from the 5 GB that you get with an Amazon Cloud Drive account, you get 5 GB for personal documents on the Kindle. Of course, other companies are miles ahead in the cloud area, where the likes of Google Drive and Dropbox are fighting and the likes of OneDrive are evolving. Originally Amazon Cloud Drive was meant for photos and videos, but it’s still the documents that make the difference…