Well, isn’t this a lovely Christmas miracle? A Best Buy customer received 5 iPads instead of the single unit ordered. A woman named Alexa has a boyfriend who had to get an iPad for Xmas from his mother. The mother ordered the tablet, but in the box there were 5 tablets.

When Best Buy was contacted about this, they didn’t respond at first, so Alexa contacted The Consumerist. In her letter she mentioned a theory: the people at Best Buy labeling packages had gotten her wrong, labeling it as a shipment of 5 units. Finally Alexa found a document saying that if a package like this is sent to you, you get to keep it. This decision was taken in order to prevent scammers for sending people items they don’t want and bill them for the products.

Best Buy got in touch with Alexa, who received a letter congratulating her on telling the truth and also letting her know that she’s allowed to keep the goods. Best Buy advised Alexa to give the tablets to people in need, like a charity, a school, friends and family. So this gives Best Buy an image of charitable company and it appears that the same thing happened to a guy named Nick a couple of days before. That guy called Best Buy saying he had received 5 tablets instead of one and they replied that their system only showed one…

I guess it would be time to gamble this opportunity and order an iPad from Best Buy. Maybe you’ll get 10 iPads this time.