Recently, Sprint introduced a new package from the “For Life” leasing program. This new package is named iPhone-iPad for Life, and includes an iPhone 6, a 4G iPad Mini 3 and their service plans all for a $100 a month. For this amount we also get unlimited talk, text and data on the phone, and 2 GB of traffic on the iPad.


By choosing such a program, Apple customers can use for two years the latest iPhone and iPad tablet, and later after this period ends, they receive the latest version of the devices in case. However, this program is essentially made for those who are willing to wait two years for a new device.

According to Sprint, this program proved popular, so now there’s also a program called For Life to Android. The ne Apple bundle also offers a further discount on Sprint’s regular For Life plans. If bought separately, a rented 16 GB iPhone 6 with unlimited plan would cost $70 a month, while the price for the 4G iPad Mini would be $47 every month.