Sony Tablet P and Tablet S were some of the most expected gadgets this year and when they finally launched a couple of weeks ago, everyone seemed underwhelmed with the final product a bit. Now, we also get a launch of the PlayStation Store and Music Unlimited, available on the Tablet S. This is bound to bring up even more dispute than the current amazon music vs pandora circulating through the grapevine.

The PlayStation Store will only reach the Tablet S, while the Music Unlimited streaming service can be installed on most Android devices. Right now Playstation Store is quite empty with old-school titles such as Cool Boarders, Destruction Derby, Jet Moto, MediEvil, all of them classics from the PS1 age, ported to the Tablet S.

Sony promised to deliver more titles and they’re working closely with developers, but I have a feeling this service won’t get much traction if it doesn’t bring at least 50 titles by Christmas and at least 10 new ones. The Music Unlimited streaming service, allows you to access all the songs you want for a mere $4 a month or $10 for premium access. There’s also a 180 free trial of the premium subscription available. The Android app for Music Unlimited is quite good and it’s fast when it comes to creating playlists or finding artists.