ASUS and Samsung are two names that have been causing controversy over the past weeks, as far as their hottest products are concerned. Both the ASUS Transformer Prime quad core tablet and the 720p Galaxy Nexus from Samsung don’t have an exact launch date even now, when we’re approaching December. And keep in mind that rumors pointed towards a Prime launch on November 28th, but the tablet’s not here…

After the November 28th rumor, then came the December 9th speculation and now the GameStop inventory shows that the first quad core slate ever might debut on December 19th. If this date is moved any further, it will severely damage the Christmas shopping time and ASUS will lose a couple of customers eager to spend around $500 on a crisp new tablet.

By the way, are you going to spend that amount on this device, that runs Honeyconb now and it’s prone to receive Android 4.0 in early 2012? Also, could this delay have to do with ASUS actually trying to get Ice cream Sandwich on the slate earlier, as a surprise for the users?

  • BrianEE93

    I thought Asus announced the release date as Dec. 8th today?

  • unknown

    They need windows on this, when are they coming out with a nice quad core win tablet?