While Microsoft’s Surface Mini is still uncertain, most likely not coming this year, other companies are also exploring smaller formats after years of launching big slates. Among them is Sony, who ponders launching a smaller Xperia Tablet, under the Compact brand.


The supposed Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact has leaked on the web, thanks to a clue found in the user guide for the Sony BSC10. This one is a Bluetooth speaker with a charging dock and in its documents Sony has listed compatible devices, including the Z3 Tablet Compact. Specifics are not known right now, but we expect Sony to keep the diagonal at 8 inches. If we judge this product by the Compact Xperia phones, we should get high end specs in a small package.

We’re looking at maybe a Snapdragon 801 CPU, 3 GB of RAM, a solid camera, very slim waistline, a LTE version later on and at least 16 GB of storage. The screen is either that new generation of TFT that actually works and looks like, or maybe the usual quality IPS, with oversaturation and all. We’ll have to wait and see, although this product may not come at IFA…