If you’re ready to pay the equivalent of around 5 Nexus 7 tablets for a Sony slate, well you may as well buy the 13 inch digital paper E Ink slate shown below. This is a device meant for reading and writing documents, introduced last year.


Sony has dubbed this Digital Paper and it prides itself with high contrast, a pen for taking notes and the ability to scribble on it. Sony Digital Paper will be sold in USA starting with May, but it will be priced steep, at $1100. The Digital Paper isn’t actually meant for the regular consumer, but rather a professionals in legal, higher education, government and enterprise areas.

Those are the fields where a paperless device with a long battery life is required. The Sony product integrates a 13.3 inch 1600 x 1200 pixel display, with E Ink Mobius tech, an optical touchscreen with finger input and an active digitizer for use with a digital pen. There’s 2.8 GB of storage, a microSD card slot and WiFi support.  Who will buy one?