Transform Your Laptop with a Second Screen

We’ve seen gaming laptops that can open up side flaps for extra screen estate, but now there are accessories that can expand your regular laptop’s viewing space, too. For example, this week the SideTrak was introduced and it’s detailed in the video below.

Stand Steady is a DC-based company, that’s behind the SideTrak project, which brings an extra screen to your laptop. The result is a highly portable, 12.5 inch second screen. This extra display is easily attached to your laptop via a magnetic plate. It weighs less than 1.5 lbs and doesn’t stress your travel setup. It can be attached in just seconds and it’s powered from the USB ports of the laptop.

The system involves a dual sliding track, that extends the monitor functionality. You can also do screen sharing, as the contraption is rotated at 180 degrees. It’s TSA compliant and made of light aluminum. The accessory is clipped onto the lid of the laptop and then it slides to the side. Since it’s light it won’t tip the laptop over, or to the side. It’s rotatable and lets you do collaborative work or you can share your presentation and content with a person on the opposite side of the laptop. Pretty nice idea for a laptop companion.

The price tag is $299.99 plus tax, for those ordering now on There’s also a 90 day return policy and one year limited liability warranty, as well as bulk discounts.