Not so long ago LG unveiled a kickass 1080p display with a pretty low diagonal, one accessible for phablets and an even smaller version in the making. Now Sharp came out with a Retina Display level 5 inch panel for a future device, that will be priced at $320.

Sharp is most likely preparing a rival for the Samsung Galaxy Note and the LG Optimus Vu, that will hit the market this fall. The 5 inch phablet will have middle range specs and prices and production will be handled by Foxconn. The phone will have a super high resolution display, similar to the one that Apple incorporates on its “Retina Display” devices. Android will be the OS of choice here, as you may have guessed.

A company such as Sharp, that’s always at the forefront of screen development is expected to deliver its 5 panel to other companies as well, so expect other similar models to pop up from Asia in the following months. Galaxy Note started a trend apparently and with the Note II incoming, it’s clear that this area will gain more and more models and followers.