Shadowgun is one of the best games I’ve played on an Android device ever and its gameplay reminds me of Gears of War quite a bit, so I’m pleased to announce that the title is now available in the Google Play Store for a mere 99 cents. The title requires Android 2.2 as a minimum and it’s created by Madfinder Games.

It’s also customized to run on the Tegra platform without issues and you can find it in the Tegra zone as well. This game is a third person action shooter, with some tactical combat thrown in for good measure. Its great lighting effects and graphical achievements are best seen when you pass an environment with a flag waving by and beautifully rendered enemies and clouds, for example. The idea of the game is that you control John Slade, a bounty hunter set to hunt Dr. Edgar Simon in the year 2350.

Edgar is a geneticist, who worked on all sorts of mutants that you’ll have to fight when taking on his mountain fortress. Cyborgs and genetically enhanced creatures will also be your foes and you’ll be able to flank them, develop strategies and have fun in a single player campaign that’s over 5 hours in length. Teamwork, taking cover, flanking, all of the classical elements of a third person shooter are here. Shadowgun is up for download here, for 99 cents.