It seems that every day now we find out about a new device exploding or catching fire and when it’s not the Galaxy Note 7, it’s a Xiaomi unit. Today we’ve learned of a Proscan tablet, a 7 incher that malfunctioned and exploded into 3 pieces, to the chagrin of its 7 year old user.


The boy was actually using the gadget, when it blew up in his hands. We’re talking about a Proscan 7 inch 4 GB slate, with a dual core CPU and a price of 39.99 quid, bought from Toys R Us. The battery expanded hugely into the device, as shown in the pictures from this article. Little Alfie and his family were shocked, but luckily there was no injury.


The stuffed up battery didn’t actually explode, but was rather swollen, as we’ve seen on quite a few devices over the years, particularly when they reach the end of their lifetime and warranty. The incident came 18 months after buying the device. Toys R Us reacted to the incident, offering an apology and offering to exchange the unit with an upgraded model.