Samsung has been keeping busy this week, unveiling a bunch of Windows 8 ultrabooks with touchscreens and hybrid tablets. The new products are said to be part of the “Smart PC” category, that includes the brand new Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Windows 8 ultrabook.

The basic Series 5 Ultra Touch model goes for $809.99 and packs a Core i3 CPU, that can be upgraded to Core i5 for an extra $50. 4 GB of RAM and a 1366 x 768 display are included, as well as 500GB of HDD storage. The product weighs 3.83 pounds, maybe a bit too much for an ultrabook. The other products unveiled recently include the rebranded Ativ Smart PC500T, now going for $749.99 with keyboard or $649.99 without it. There’s also the 700T model, priced at $1,199 and you should know that both are Windows 8 tablets.

500T relies on an Atom Z2760 processor, while the 700T has Core i5. The former uses 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, while the latter gets 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Samsung also announced laptops from the Series 9 Premium Ultrabooks, at $1300 a pop, for the 13 inch model and $1400 for the 15 inch one. Most of these devices will debut on October 26th with Windows 8.

  • Bill Coughlin

    I just love tablets… owned 7 so far. just tested the ATIV Smart PC pro t700 and is still short …I’m hoping Samys new generation addresses these needs

    I’m a road warrior ..on road 8-10 hours a day as a Remax Real Estate Agent.

    Things I love about the ATIV Smart PC pro !

    actually do like the 11.8 inch screen.. it is big but

    for document signing it is perfect. I use pdfs mostly

    for power point presentations Perfect I still save ppt as pdfs and annotate them during presentation

    weight and speed is great

    the pen is great! In fact it is essential!

    Things i can live with:

    Windows 8 is not helping sales here

    in store demo is SHACKLED with ie10

    i managed to install ff and chrome just to get some of my webs apps to work.

    pinch to zoom in and out does not work for ff and chrome

    flash crashed on this very review form in ff

    this makes a great desktop with an extended 24 inch monitor

    currently i have the 23in HP touchsmart desktop and this will replace it plus replace my apple ipad.

    bottom line windows 8 is not a functional tablet os

    half the time i can not even get the keyboard to popup.

    Eg Skype now owned by Microsoft only displays in landscape. Certainly not built for a tablet

    There are very limited hand gestures that provide any real function.

    We can only hope that windows 8 os for tablets improves soon!

    Battery lasts only 4 hours meaning I need to charge in my vehicle

    No usb charger meaning I have use a 12 volt converter and now kill my car battery 🙁

    .. can not believe the keyboard does not have a spare battery

    or a hot swappable battery on the tablet

    Apps Library is very very limited.

    Deal breakers:

    No 4g lte .. tethering to my cell phone kills my Samsung note in 3 hours.

    Rear camera has no led flash rendering this camera useless.

    Will buy the android version galaxy 10.1 lte 8020 and wait until the needed deficiencies are addressed