Samsung has an interesting patent out, courtesy of the US Patent and Trademark Office. It involves a phablet docking into a notebook and a dual OS setup it also mentioned. The patent was filed in Q3 2014 and there’s no way of knowing if it will become a reality.


Back when the ASUS PadFone was a big deal, we saw Samsung toying with a similar idea, but they didn’t bring it to the market. Now this dual OS notebook involves a sort of Galaxy Note with Android docking into a laptop with Windows 10 for example. Then the Note will be able to run on Windows 10 as well. Tizen may also be part of the system instead of Android and Windows.

This hybrid may be excellent for the enterprise segment, offering more flexibility and an extra battery boost for the Note, I’m sure. With Computex 2015 coming soon, we may just see this device debut as a new Ativ, Note or another series of product.