After mocking Apple with its latest Galaxy Tab 10.1 ad, Samsung is now ready to give its fans some cash. There’s a video contest out there, with $15,000 as the cash prizes. You’re required to make a 60 second clip about how the Galaxy Tab 10.1 makes your life better.

The competition started on May 2nd 2011 and it will end on June 27 2011. Among the key ideas for the video makers to focus on there’s mentioning how widgets improve productivity, Flash support benefits, the greatness of a thin and light tablet and the way how a tablet replaces a PC. If you’re not a film maker, you can share the info about the contest and still win $500.

The grand prize is $7,000 and the requirements are to make a video for 60 seconds or less and he inclusion of the Samsung logo provided in the Materials files at the end of the vid. More info in the source link!