Samsung Galaxy Fold has been seen as a cancelled product for a while now, following a series of problems that the device had. Most of them stemmed by the first contact that reviewers and YouTubers had with the device, with malfunctioning screens and whatnot. We’ve heard that the debut time frame was moved from May to July, but then moved again to the fall. Now July is back on the table.

A Samsung executive has come forward and said that the product will hit the stores “sometime in July”. It’s very likely that he was referring to a localized South Korean debut, nothing more. An official press conference has also been promised to deliver the news. Of course, debut time frames may vary in each country and Samsung may just feel slightly relaxed, as second placed Huawei also has its troubles.

Best Buy already cancelled all purchase reservations for the Galaxy Fold and early preorderers actually had to send an email to Samsung by May 31st if they wanted to keep the order. Otherwise it was cancelled by default. We’ve previously heard the Samsung was experimenting with tablet formats for its future foldable and a Galaxy Fold 2.0 was already in the cards. IFA 2019 was a likely time frame for debut.

Even before the device was first seen there was talk about limited availability and now we see that as the more viable strategy. Samsung has to face the whole “removable screen protection” thing, which some reviewers did remove by mistake, plus the obvious scratches and lint caught in the nooks and crannies of the machine. I can’t exactly imagine how they fixed those problems.

I’d say that the West still gets the phone in the Fall.