Samsung’s foldable phone has been in the news a lot lately, either with codename leaks, presentations and specs speculations. Today we learn from a reputed source what the price may be. Apparently it’ll be between $1925 and $2565.

We already knew it was going to go past $1500, but we had no idea it would enter $2500 territory. Yes, it’s a new product segment, a pioneering one even, but that doesn’t quite justify it. Samsung Galaxy F, or Galaxy Flex or whatever the name may be will be, much like the Note Edge an experiment, trying to test the waters and see if the public is ready for it or not.

Just like it happens with every pioneer, it could fail and not be received properly. It’s a leap of faith, as they call it. However, once it’s launched, it’ll break the ice so other companies will also start offering rival products. They’ll also be cheaper and learn from Samsung’s mistakes, so everybody wins. The $2500 price tag sounds a bit crazy, especially since people already complain about the fact that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and iPhone XS Max went above the $1100 price tag.

We can’t help but hope the $2500 price tag applies to a sort of highest end possible unit, otherwise it’s simply too much. Other sources talk about a $1770 price tag and one rushed carrier published a GPB 2000 figure for the higher end Galaxy F. It won’t be cheap, that’s for sure, but maybe the second gen model gives the buyer a chance. Whatever happened to just 100k units produced at firs and just for Korea?