While still reeling from the traumatizing bend of the iPad Pro (2018) in the JerryRigEverything test, it’s time to see if the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is any better. The same YouTuber is on the case and this time he’s dealing with a bigger size device, dangerously close to a laptop. That doesn’t automatically mean it’s more resilient, though…

It all starts with a scratch test, with plastic scratching at level 3 and glass at level 5 or 6. It’s all Gorilla Glass action here, performing reasonably well with a level 6 pick, but at level 7 the pressure transfers to the LCD quite visibly. As the YouTuber finished the level 7 scratches, the screen panel got a hairline fracture from one corner to the other, so a screen protection could be useful.

Then we get to the usual cutter action, scratching all the sides, with a sound that could make you cringe. All the slots, ports, cameras and cutouts can take the abuse reasonably well, even though taking a cutter to your device isn’t exactly a good idea. As far as the flame test is concerned, the panel lasted 12 seconds under the heat and fully recovered, so that’s good.

The final test was the most important one, the bend test. The Surface Pro 6 flexes quite a bit, but it doesn’t cave to the pressure and still works. I can’t see a fatal damage, but the screen and body keep on keeping on. After a few more bends the screen panel pops out and cracks more from the level 7 scratches done above. Even with all this abuse, the device still works, which is admirable.

There are no flaws built into the weakest point, so thumbs up for the device, as it passed the bend test. The kickstand actually helped it a lot.