We knew Samsung was preparing a new tablet for debut in India, but had no idea it was going to be an enterprise model, let alone one that sports an iris scanner. The device is dubbed Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris and it gets pictured below.


We’re dealing here with a 7 incher that sports a leather imitation back and it’s meant for the enterprise segment. Samsung may use this as an experimental product, to test the iris scanner, before it unleashes it on the Galaxy Note 6, as rumored. The tablet here is aimed at banking, finance, education and services.

Packing a dual eye scanner, the device lets users authenticate and perform secure transactions, payments and register in the city’s archives. Specs are modest otherwise, including a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, Android 5.0, 8 GB storage, 1.5 GB of RAM and a 3600 mAh battery. There’s also a 5 MP main camera and big bezels. The price is $200.