In spite of the fact that 2013 is the year of the Minis, be it iPad, HTC One or Galaxy S4, some companies are all about the Maxis. Apparently, there’s a recurring rumor about a 12 inch Apple and Samsung tablet prepared to hit the market this year.


This is about as likely as having Tim Cook using a Galaxy S4 in public, but who knows? The 9.7 inch format may not be enough anymore and if a company really wants to get into 4K territory, it will have to start with a big diagonal. As usual sources close to the matter are confirming this and the reason is a drop of the global shipments of tablets, as shown in the latest quarterly IDC report.

Apple will delay its shift to a big diagonal screen, while Samsung will move faster. Apple wants to stay away from such products for now, because they would compete directly with the MacBook Air devices. If they add a flexible display in the mix, I may become interested. Till then, I expect the Galaxy Tab 12 to flop.