We’ve heard rumors about a BlackBerry tablet for months now, but RIM’s not giving any signs that it’s ready to release such a device, yet. Some even claim that the supposed “Blackpad” will be based on an x86 core and run Windows 7, while others can’t imagine it without BlackBerry OS 6 on board. It’s possible that Microsoft will draw RIM to its side, in the attempt to make a killer product, that will help both companies fight the iPad.

However, RIM’s tradition of sticking with BlackBerry OS might triumph, mostly because the company wants a product of its own, one that can be recognized by business men and used by BlackBerry fans all over the world. Windows 7 might be a decent alternative for the BlackPad, but it could change what it stands for: a RIM product for the business segment and BB users.

[via shanzai]