Razer announced this week a new mechanical keyboard, one meant for the iPad Pro, an accessory you don’t see every day. This makes the iPad Pro an even more serious PC replacement and the keyboard only works with the Apple device, nothing else.


The Mechanical Keyboard Case for the Apple iPad Pro, which is the full name of the product comes in all matte black and uses a detachable polycarbonate case, that wraps around the slate. Meant for the 12.9 inch Apple tablet, the product has a metal kickstand, that supports the whole thing while typing. Connectivity is offered via Bluetooth, not Smart connector and the battery life of the keyboard is said to be around 10 hours with the backlight at max or 600 hours without it.


Razer claims we get true actuation and reset points and we need 70 grams of force to register a press. The device is already for sale right now, at $169.99 in USA or 189.99 euros in Europe. It remains to be seen whether or not it’s a real mechanical keyboard, or just an imitation of one, seeing how slim it is.