Razer is best known for making gaming equipment and now there’s talk about them launching their first smartphone or tablet, or even a VR headset. What’s sure is that there’s a mobile device brewing, according to the job post from Twitter, coming from the CEO of the firm.


The company is hiring a product developer, according to a tweet sent by CEO Min-Liang Tan. Razer is looking for a “Product Developer (Mobile)” and requirements include ARM system knowledge, components, as well as know how related to phones, tablets and mobile devices. This could mean they’re making a special gaming case of sorts, or some other cool accessories, like a joystick maybe.

Razer has partnered with other companies to make tablets before and they’ve gotten involved in laptops and wearables, plus Android consoles. They could get deeper into the whole VR-mobile device symbiosis, once again with the right partner. We’ll probably know more at E3…