Quan is a company that does research, development and experimentation in the field of robotics. Well, today we’re not here to talk robots, but rather an accessory for the iPad. Quan has announced an all in one iPad accessory, that has entered engineering phase.


Quan is saying that its engineering department began producing a working prototype of the device for testing purposes. The all in one iPad accessory sounds pretty good, especially since its maker promises to give the Apple tablet all the features of a high end laptop. It adds peripheral ports, the ability to connect to storage devices, an extra battery pack, plus keyboard and speakers. Basically, this sounds like a way to turn the tablet into a laptop.

The accessory will also include USB ports for connecting other devices. Quan says that it has already contacted companies in China and will start the production of the device once a prototype is created. There’s still the need for reaching internal performance targets before being shipped to manufacturing.