After seeing the previous Pope taking a selfie a few days ago, it’s time for the current Pope Francis to enter the modern age big time. He’s doing that through a partnership with Google for the Scholas education platform.


Pope Francis is working with Google services to communicate with young people and bring them together in educational purposes. Scholas is an educational platform, that involves students and teachers from around the world working on projects together in real time, without leaving the classrooms. Pope Francis also jointed students in Australia, Cameroon, Israel, Turkey and South Africa via a Hangout on Air.

They celebrated the debut of Scholas this way, with this service enabling the connection of 500,000 schools across the world. This means advanced e-learning and remote teaching using Google tools. Ego Obi, Global Lead of Access for Education in Emerging Markets, Google claims that “a social component of the platform uses Google Hangouts to connect students and teachers globally”. This way, a student in Ghana can find out what the learning process is in Peru, especially if they’re the same age.

Schools can post shared projects and cooperate.