It appears that holograms are not only a thing of fiction and the movies, but also a real method of communication now. Polish company Leia Display Systems has been pioneering a technology aptly named after the Star Wars heroine.


The idea is to allow a caller to see a live 3D image of the person at the other end of the line. You will need a camera with two lenses and a tablet, then your image will be mixed into one and beamed into a screen. This creates sort of a holographic telephone, that will become operational by next year. Successful 3D hologram machines have already been built, apparently.

In order to place a 3D phone call you need to sit in front of a specially adapted camera featuring two lenses and a microphone. The two images the lenses create will be blended to form a 3D version of the pic and then streamed to the Internet to the called person. Then a hologram machine receives the image and beams it using a laser projector on a screen of water vapour, giving it 3 dimensions.

Crazy right?