If you own an iPad or iPhone it would be a pity to miss Popcap’s long awaited Plants vs Zombies 2 title. I have rarely seen such an addictive title make its way to mobile and tablets, so this is a must have.


The title has suffered some serious delays and a soft launch in certain regions, but the good news is that it’s totally free. Well, not exactly totally, since after you finish the first area of the game, the Egypt themed one, you either collect 15 stars, which is hard to do or pay up 3 euros to unlock the next region.

This tower defense title has you growing plants like sunflowers, ice plants, angry back choi and plants that throw cabbages towards the enemy. Aside from the plants, you can also use several powerups to defeat your mortal enemies, the zombies. You can pinch the screen to remove their heads, electrocute them or simply flick them away.

The game is great and it’s available here.