A recent study shows that people have been using smartphones and tablets more and more while watching TV. It’s pretty obvious that even you, the casual Tablet-News.com reader have caught a moment of commercials or boring program to check your email or 9gag on your smartphone or slate, right?

The info comes from Nielsen, that conducted a survey on device owners in the US, UK, Germany and Italy. The phone/tablet use during TV watching is a growing trend, so when asked about the last 30 days, 88% of the US tablet owners and 86% of US smartphone owners said that they use their device while watching TV at least once. In the UK 80% of tablet users do that and 78% of smartphone users too. This happens in Germany and Italy as well, with 29% of the users saying they never used a tablet while watching TV.

34% and 35% of the Italians and Germans also said they never used a smartphone while watching TV. So, there you have it… the next time you feel the urge to check your email during a TV show remember these stats. Considering the constant temptation of seeing what’s on Twitter and Facebook, the omnipresence of smartphones in our lives can trigger some serious ADD nowadays.