The PC market has been predicted to die out over the next decade or so and it’s all due to tablets and their ascension. Now, the past holiday season was a sign that said death was approaching. In between October and December 2012 less than 90 million PCs were sold apparently, turning out to be a 6.4% drop in unit sales from the same time frame of 2011.


The information comes from IDC’s Quarterly PC Tracker report, that was published on Thursday. Usually holiday quarters are the most prolific for such products, but the PCs have taken a hit since tablets have become big. Overall in 2012, the PC sales dropped 3.2% from 2011. Dell and Acer were the PC makers who suffered the most and they don’t even have hit tablets to compete… Apple was the only one who thrived, keeping the sales of 2011 in 2012, with close figures of the Mac.

One would think that Windows 8 could move the PCs into a new era and make them sell better. Well, guess not, even if Microsoft is luring us towards their tablets and all sorts of touchscreen-based laptops. It’s only a matter of time till tablets outsells PCs… Did you buy a PC for Christmas or a tablet?