We’ve heard about rugged tablets and heard about massive media slates, but how about a combo of the two today? That’s exactly what the Panasonic 20 inch 4K model detailed below is. This unit is dubbed Panasonic Toughbook FZ-Y1 and it’s able to survive a 76 cm drop.


Of course, it’s an industry first, having both a high res big screen and resilience and this is clearly a slate for professionals, maybe architects and building planners. Healthcare industry is also a segment where this product could work, as well as photography and on set video production. News broadcasting is another area where the slate may become useful.


Anyway, the FZ-Y1 is impact-protected, as the screen is surrounded in a magnesium alloy frame and the whole device has been wrapped in reinforced glass fiber case. Keep in mind that the 76 cm drops apply when the device lands on its back and is switched on. It can also take 30 cm drops to 26 angles when switched off. The price is pretty hefty, at $5999, but it’s clearly not a product for everyone.

This unit runs Windows 10 and weighs 2.41 kg.