One would expect a bigger screen to be an incentive to do some shopping, right? Well, it appears that online shoppers actually prefer using cellphones and not tablets for their buying habits. Demandware Inc, from Burlington, a provider of cloud commerce solutions recently released its Shopping Index for Q3 2015, revealing that shoppers favour handsets.


They prefer phones to tablets and computers and that makes sense, since everybody has a smartphone nowadays. Demandware’s study shows that phones are the only device that registered a gain in online shopping traffic. They stand for 119% of the growth in website visits to shopping sites, while tablets and PCs are down 1% and 19% respectively when it comes to shopping on the web.

Big retailers have already set up their checking out and buying mechanisms to be more mobile-friendly, while previously they made them tablet-friendly. Last year the trend was all about shopping from a computer plus a tablet. Now the first quarter of 2015 started with an increase of the phone + computer pairing. The tablets’ biggest problems are the big screen phablets, which are optimal replacements for slates.

Retailers now have less time to convert browsing into purchases, as the time spent shopping on the phone is down 12% from last year. All of this info is crucial if you want to get a better and clearer picture of what’s about to happen on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you would like shopping coupons and deals go right here.