Onda, one of the most popular OEM producers from China just announced its anual conference on the Weibo microblogging platform, an event that it will take place on June 30. We expect to see a lot of new product devices like smartphones and tablets with octa-core processors.


These device may include Allwinner or MediaTek solutions and they will run Android and Windows operating systems. Also, there is a posibility that Onda to release devices with the popular Intel 64-bit SoC,  a processor who is very used on the Chinese market. We could see some devices with the Allwinner A80 octa-core or the popular MediaTek MT6592, one of the world’s first true octa-core processors.

We find out that the theme of this year conference is “Big Time”, so we can expect to a lot of devices to be officially announced on the chinese market. It remains to see how Onda will catch our eyes this year. What do you want to see?