The One Laptop Per Child Foundation started off with a very bold project about 5 years ago, aiming to deliver a $100 laptop to every child out there. The developing world was the target and the team behind the project delivered affordable computers to classrooms around the globe. Now it’s the time of tablets to take over!


OLPC XO Laptop project now involves a cheap Android tablet with a custom user interface designed for education. Apparently, you’ll be able to pick up an XO Tablet as soon as July 16th from Walmart, although this product was supposed to hit Walmart in June. Sadly, there have been news spread on the web recently saying that the OLPC Foundation is falling appart.

Employees left, but the ones who are left are said to be shifting focus, but not killing the project. Aside from the XO Tablet, the team is working on the XO 4 apparently, a convertible notebook that will look like their initial products, with a rugged case and sunlight viewable screen. The XO 4 was supposed to launch by March…