The Nvidia Shield Tablet is one of the best Android-based gaming devices out there and as such, it’s a good idea for it to be updated to the latest available software. In this case it’s Android and the slate recently received Android 5.1 via an update.


Both the WiFi and LTE versions of the slate have got it and the update is bundled with a special package from Nvidia, the Shield Tablet Software Upgrade 3.0, that takes up 200 MB of space. The device gets a new Quick Settings and Notifications area and corrects some issues with the product. The upgrade includes the Global Tone Mapping feature from Nvidia, that improves the display performance of the slate and also a new firmware update for the Shield controller.

The camera is enhanced as well, plus the responsivity, acoustics and other components. Better battery management, a snappier experience and a more stable software release are promised here. Nvidia recently updated the LTE Shield Tablet to software version 2.2, that offered some enhancements, but also a screen bug, that had to be corrected by version 2.2.1 fast.