ASUS CEO Jonney Shih has made an impressive unveiling, saying that Nvidia’s Kal-El quad core CPU will debut as soon as November 9th. How does he know that? Well, he IS the head of a company that actually made the first tablet based on this CPU: ASUS Transformer Prime… that will come on the same date.

Kal-El, aka Nvidia Tegra 3 is the latest generation of CPUs from Nvidia and it was supposed to come out at the end of the summer or early September, but power management problems pushed it back. Now it will surface on the fresh ASUS gear, that packs a 10 inch display and measures a very thin 8.3mm in thickness. Nvidia officials blame the delay on software optimization for the hardware, but it may not be entirely true…

We’ve heard that Nvidia wasn’t in fact able to achieve the promised 5X time performance of the Tegra 2, so they pushed the product will it was ready o deliver. Asus Transformer Prime was announced on stage at the AsiaD conference last week and it should bring a very impressive 14.5 hours of battery life and pack USB and mini HDMI ports, plus an SD card reader. Word has it that the slate doesn’t come with Android 4.0, but it will get it as an update.

  • Anonymous

    And Asus will screw it with sub-par 1280×800 display and iPad 3 will eat it for lunch.

    Not an Apple-Fanboy, use Android myself. Asus just doesn’t understand displays. Never has, never will.

    It aint’t about cpu speed, it’s about the surface content.

    If apple can get LG & Samsung to deliver the quad-res displays for iPad in early 2012, they are going to eat the Android tablet market for lunch in 2012.

  • Luke_bizzell18

    Asus doesn’t know about displays? Asus produces desktop displays and the first transformer had a higher resolution display than the ipad 2, also a better colour ratio. So yer, your comments kinda flawed…
    Also your whole comment is a guess, if you backed it up you’d see that asus trump the ipad with display specs…