“Nokia is working on an Android phone”. We’ve heard this phrase a thousand times, usually related to a prototype, a dying project or a concept. Now there’s some truth behind it and the proof is coming out, just the company decided to can the project.


Last I heard, a device called Nokia Normandy was making the rounds on the web, being leaked by @evleaks. The interesting bit is that it appeared after Microsoft bought Nokia, not before that, leading us to believe there may be hope for such a device. Sources from China are saying that Nokia has now dumped its plans for an Android smartphone and tablet completely.

It’s interesting that they also mention a tablet here, something we knew nothing about previously. It appears that Microsoft is not the reason why the plans were dropped, but rather stiff competition coming from other Android makers. The report claims that the Nokia Normandy Android phone was not alone in development, since there was also a Snapdragon 400-based 7 inch tablet.

I wish such news would never make it to the web, since it’s sad news, showing us there’s no hope for some companies.