During today’s Nokia announcement regarding profits and sales, the Finnish giant’s CEO, Stephen Elop made a remark that may refer to a future tablet with Windows 8 made by this Nordic firm. He said that the partnership with Microsoft might soon extend beyond just phones. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in figures, know that Nokia lost almost a billion euros in Q4 2011, that means almost $1.3 billion.

Also, they sold 31% less smartphone in the same time frame. Windows Phone still appears like a great perspective for the Finns, considering the 1+ million devices with this OS they’ve sold, included in the Lumia series. Moving on from that area, it’s not the first time I’ve heard someone connected to Nokia detailing a possible future tablet, since there was at some point an insider saying that we shoudl expect a slate made by the Finns to be unveiled during this summer’s Nokia Connection event.

The tablet will run Windows 8 and I’m sure it will integrate the Lumias perfectly into the experience and the Xbox consoles as well. At some point during his speech, Stephen Elop said that Microosft has a certain consisteny of user experience, on PCs, tablets and phones and also mentioned the option to get involved in “a larger play”. I guess that Nokia won’t start making PCs, so tablets is the next best thing. The rumors about the Windows 8 Nokia tablet were started when the Nokia France director Paul Amsellem said that the company is working on such a product. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

  • Anonymous

    Nokia needs to wait on windows 8 before it can do tablets, windows phone don’t suport more than 480×800 and that is way to small for tablets.
    Nokia could do tablets with andriod but Stephen Elop is in love with Microsoft. When you are in love you don’t think straight