Nokia Lumia 2520 have been anxiously waiting for the brand new Nokia Power Keyboard accessory to arrive and now the device is here. Nokia has started shipping the product to retailers relatively soon (last week) and John Lewis in UK has it at their store.


They have the black keyboard in stock and a red one is supposed to come soon as well. The accessory is able to protect your Nokia Lumia 2520 and offer a physical keyboard input. It also brings an extra 2027 mAh battery, a touchpad and two full sized USB ports. The price of the gadget is approximately $247 that’s kind of high considering it can bring you a totally new Nexus 7 tablet.

If you’re in the US and waiting for the Power Keyboard to arrive, the wait is almost over. Members of various forums have called Nokia and have been told that keyboard have started shipping. Discussions are going on here and if you track this community, you’ll be among the first to learn if the product is coming.