After a Nokia France manager confirmed that we’ll see a Windows 8 tablet made by Finns, now the chairman at Nokia also offers some confirmation about this and more devices. Nokia’s outgoing Chairman Jorma Ollila promised a bunch of new products, but didn’t specify the time frame for their release.

The promise was made ahead of a meeting with shareholders today and the pressure of the people investing in Nokia must have pressured the official, who confirmed tablets and “hybrid smart mobile devices”. The latter could mean that the Finns may even consider a smartablet with a 5 inch display, which would be very cool, coming from Nokia. They were at the top of their game during the Communicator Series craze and now they could take that experience and borrow some business features from the Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy Note.

Nokia is expected to unveil its tablet later this year, when Microsoft’s Windows 8 becomes widely available. Many people are already speculating about Lumia tablets, creating designs and concepts that show us slates based on the Lumia design. Nokia has already used the same N9 form factor too much, so will they do it again, this time on a tablet? There’s one thing that will make or break their tablet strategy: the price. It will be vital for the product to not surpass $350 or $400… Will they manage that?