A Nintendo software engineer has admitted that the company is working on an Android-based slate. The info comes from Nando Monterazo, who tweeted that Nintendo has been “experimenting with a tablet based on Android”.


This was only one of several tweets about this device, but later on they were all deleted. Monterazo claimed that he was testing the slate’s communication environment, but he also mentions that the device won’t be gaming focused, but rather based on educational purposes. Two big gaming products have bombed over the past year and both of them were portable… or close to it.

One of them was PS Vita and the other the Nintendo Wii. While the first is by no means the end of Sony, the Wii U may just bring a change of strategy or maybe the end of Nintendo. Taking a turn towards Android sounds like a smart move and I hope Nintendo will be alive to see Zelda hitting mobile platforms.

By the way the image above is  a mere render/concept of a slate, not a real thing.