Since the Nexus 9 went on sale recently, the folks of iFixit got a hold of a unit and tore it down, for our viewing pleasure. The device has a new 64 bit Tegra K1 processor inside and a very interesting placement of the parts, as shown in the source link.

nexus 9 teardown 1

It’s been described by iFixit, as sort of a maze of tape and thin cables. Nexus 9’s repairability score is at 3 out of 10, making it a not so easy to repair device. On the bright side, the rear part of the case is secured with clips, so it’s easy to remove without heating or special tools. The battery is glued to the insides, but the adhesive is not that strong, so this is a passable downside to the build.

The bad part is that the cables are very thin and delicate inside, risking to get cut easily. Also, as we’ve seen on quite a few other tablets, the LCD is fused to the front glass, so you need to replace both components in case the screen cracks. The display glass is also glued to the midframe solidly, so the replacement is quite difficult. Will these details affect your purchase of the device?

nexus 9 teardown 2

nexus 9 teardown 3