Huawei’s got a 4G tablet for T-Mobile cooking, as shown in very clear images, available for you below. This device is supposed to debut next month during the CTIA event and right now we know that this is a 7 inch device with quite appealing specs.

This is a Honeycomb 3.2 model with Flash 10.3 and a dual core processor (1.2GHz), a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, 16GB of internal memory, dual cameras and a 4100 mAh battery. The rumored price is an incredible $199.99, that obviously includes the 2 year agreement with T-Mobile, but still… Of course, rumors are rumors and specs can change from one week to the next.

With Amazon announcing its $199 Android tablet, expect an avalanche of similarly priced slates over the following weeks, most of them with mediocre specs and e-reading focus. Boy, do these guys love to copy one another… Now let’s see if anyone goes to the $150 mark and maybe without carrier subsidy.